DC Fest 2014 Testimonial

I had never been to DC Fest before, so didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t expect to be uplifted from the first performer, until the very last – each artist had a profound ability to move the Holy Spirit within us and to allow us to reach up and out in praise to our Lord.
Justin Kintzel – wow! His CD is awesome!
Lindsay McCaul – just loved One More Step and looking forward to getting her new CD.
Finding Favour – I had to have more, and bought their EP on iTunes the next day!
The Afters – I had some of their music – but seriously, Light Up the Sky was probably one of my favorites of the night!
Colton Dixon – edgy and outrageous – loads of talent!
Mandisa – truly gifted, truly spiritual, truly fun – this woman is the real deal!
Tenth Avenue North – another group that I have lots of their music already, but had never seen live. Can you say phenomenal? Can you say stole the show? Yeah – they were THAT good.
Third Day – 22 years later these guys still can bring a crowd to their feet! Love their music and their message – a joyful ending to an amazing night!
I look forward to next year – DC Fest will become a tradition for me if I have any say about it! And the Patriot Center was great too – a smaller venue, and I don’t think there’s a bad seat in the house! Just loved it!
Favorite moment: Mandisa working the Michael Jackson moves. So much fun – She’s an OVERCOMER, with a great smile thru life’s trials!

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